– Main Features –

Manage and Benchmark
all your groups in one place

Manage all your groups in one place.
Benchmark groups KPIs.

Key Statistics

Key statistics give a quick and global view about your group performance and evolution:

  • Basic statistics (active members, engagement score, activity score… )
  • Key figure evolution (for example, since last update, how many new reactions or comments you get; compared to the last update, how much engagement score raises…)
  • Top engaged members and top posts
  • Group activity interactions (posts, reactions and comments) and post types

Publication Statistics

  • Top posts list, most reacted posts list and most commented posts list with engagement score
  • Post type pie chart and interactions on posts
  • Post activity by month, by day and by hour
  • Comments statistics such as average numbers of reactions per comment, average word per comment
  • Posts and comments list (you can order it by date, engagement, reactions and comments)
  • List of posts published with the Publishing Tool and statistics

Members Statistics

  • Split your active members into publishers, commenters and reacters
  • Get reacters statistics
  • View non-publishers, non-commenters and non-reacters statistics
  • View your active members numbers by month, by day and by hour
  • Get top reactors, top commenters, top engaged members, top posters and top influencers list
  • Search and view a members individual statistics
  • Get active, inactive, current, new and former members lists (you can order the lists by name, engagement, reactions, comments, posts, last activity and first activity)

Engagement Tools

  • Engage your members with members list (active, inactive, current, new and former members): manage members with tags, tag members in posts, send customized messages…
  • Use the publishing tool to schedule posts at a given time and get statistics

Time Zone Settings

For organization operating in multiple time zones, any user can set its own, in order to get accurate reports about activity, and make comparisons possible with different time zones.

Access Delegation for your team

  • Delegate accesses to your team members to manage your groups.
  • Delegated members see and manage only the groups they are allowed to, and benefit from all the features.


Grytics provides an API that allows you to get the raw data and statistics from any group you have on Grytics in order to integrate it easily with your BI and CRM tools.

Exports and Reporting

  • Download all your statistics as a report in PDF, PPT or EXCEL.
  • Customize your report by uploading your own logo and report cover.
  • Export all the posts and members lists in EXCEL.
  • Export all the graphics and charts in PNG, JPG, PDF and SVG.

Choose Data Time Range and Compare Group Performance across two periods

  • With time interval selection tool, get your data at any time since you began to use Grytics.
  • With time interval comparison tool, compare your group performance in two different periods.
  • Benchmark indicator by indicator (post, reaction, comment, active member…) to see the evolution. Positive results confirm your effort and help you measure if you have achieved your objectives; the negative results alert you that you need to take actions to make an improvement.

– Access and Security –


Access to the data gathered by Grytics is private and reserved to the owner of the account. The owner of the account can invite other members of his company to access everything by inviting them using their company email address: they become part of his team on Grytics.

The owner of the main account can remove the access to anyone of his team.
Each account created on Grytics is secured by an email and a password chosen by the user. An email notification at each login can be setup to monitor the login activity of an account.

Data Storage

Grytics stores all the data from each group in a secure way, only accessible by our team and tools. Each company using Grytics benefit from a private storage.
Accessing the data generated by Grytics can only be done by the client and by the Grytics team for support if the client allows it.

No data is going outside our local network, except when displayed on the Grytics website or through the API for the allowed people. Moreover, reviewing the groups statistics and managing your account are both done using a secure connection (HTTPS).

Once a group is deleted, all the data relevant to it are also deleted from our servers.