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Discover analytics for Workplace by Facebook in 2 minutes

Be informed in real time with aggregated Workplace Statistics

View Workplace Executive Summary. Get a snapshot of performance based on Key Metrics. Enhance internal communication. Detect the best practices with Posts Statistics. Understand staff engagement according to Members Statistics. Track top users (reacters, commenters, influencers, …) alongside inactive, new, and former ones.

Assess performance, identify strengths and best practices with our Benchmarking Tools

Get a comprehensive view of groups performance through KPIs comparison. Identify the most performing groups and understand why. Map out your strategy for growth. Continually improve your Workplace practices.

Automated Reports: fast and easy debriefing

Create custom reports: select Workplace groups, choose sending frequency, time… Receive your Workplace reports by email. Save time for your reporting.

Search inside Workplace

Track communication by content search. Get insights from publications based on keywords. Quickly find a user via member search, view their profile, Workplace timeline, statistics, publications… Better learn about your staff and collaborators.

Effectively manage your organization’s knowledge. Make the best use of crowd-sourced intelligence.

Categorize publications with tags. Easily find and follow up conversations, topics, projects… Identify trends and curate content from top posts and top comments. Archive knowledge by theme and by time period.

Improve operations with Groups Dashboard

Centralize Workplace groups management. Get actionable statistics and KPIs for each group. Obtain comparative insights across time periods and through groups benchmark.

Strengthen community

Identify and break down silos. Understand and track members sentiment and attitude. Classify and follow up users with tags. Efficiently moderate conversations and discussions. Optimize publications according to posts activity and members activity.

Enhance collaborative culture

Coordinate teamwork according to team roles: super admins, admins, and analyst-moderators. Ensure information flows timely and seamlessly.

Easily integrate Workplace KPIs and insights within your BI and CRM tools

With our API, get all the statistics and KPIs directly from Grytics. Speed up your organization’s digital innovation and transformation.

– Access and Security –


Access to the data gathered by Grytics is private and reserved to the owner of the account. The owner of the account can invite other members of his company to access everything by inviting them using their company email address: they become part of his team on Grytics.

The owner of the main account can remove the access to anyone of his team.
Each account created on Grytics is secured by an email and a password chosen by the user. An email notification at each login can be setup to monitor the login activity of an account.


Data Storage

Grytics stores all the data from each group in a secure way, only accessible by our team and tools. Each company using Grytics benefit from a private storage.
Accessing the data generated by Grytics can only be done by the client and by the Grytics team for support if the client allows it.

No data is going outside our local network, except when displayed on the Grytics website or through the API for the allowed people. Moreover, reviewing the groups statistics and managing your account are both done using a secure connection (HTTPS).

Once a group is deleted, all the data relevant to it are also deleted from our servers.