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How do you measure employee sentiment — about people who are creative, courageous, quirky, and curious?

With a few clicks (and a straightforward, stunning report).

Grytics reports for your community

When you connect your social platform with the GRYTICS analytics solution, you turn your data into deep, actionable insights. And that allows you to:

Build your community engagement strategy based on iron-clad insights.

Cultivate productive workplace collaboration and rich relationships.

Create an environment where employees love to work.


Break down your stats and KPIs to understand staff engagement, sentiment and performance.


Control your account’s security with ‘invitation only’ access. Secure your data within the GRYTICS private storage vault.


Merge your BI and CRM tools with GRYTICS to manage your community insights — all from one place.


Create customized reports as you need them — delivered to your inbox.

Simplify community engagement data fast
Understand group sentiment in an instant
Generate employee-insight reports with a click

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