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Workplace and Groups Management

  • Get aggregated statistics and KPIs for Workplace as a whole and for any single Group or you own segmentation
  • Monitor the whole Workplace & groups activity on a daily basis in one dashboard
  • Benchmark any groups and segments

Publications Statistics and Monitoring

  • Discover the top posts, top comments and get key metrics for any publication
  • Find & monitor the most popular topics within groups
  • Organize publications with our tagging system
  • Search within publications in the whole Workplace and set up alerts to keep track

Members Statistics and Management

  • View members individual statistics and activity within the whole Workplace
  • Track top users (reacters, commenters, influencers,…) alongside inactive, new, & former ones
  • Classify users with our tagging system
  • Create segments of members and get insights

Archive and Reporting

  • Receive automated reports in your mailbox
  • Download all your statistics as a report in PDF, PPTX or Excel
  • Archive all the publications and members data in one file
  • Integrate all the statistics to your BI with our API

Historical Data

Automatic update

Time selection

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